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Frequently asked questions

At what age can my child start Leap?

Children can begin at age 4.5 unless they register to pre-school Little Leapers which is age 2.5.

What does my child need to wear for their first Leap class?

Comfortable clothes e.g leggings and t-shirt. Children will practice in bare feet.

What does my child need to bring to their first Leap class?

A bottle of water is required for drink breaks, no food is to be brought to a leap class.

Can parents stay for the duration of the class?

No, Parents are not permitted to stay in the hall for safety reasons, we will invite you to special viewing sessions at the end of terms.

Can I pay in cash for my Leap class?

No, all classes are to be paid for online only, including uniform purchases. .

When do i need to re book for my child’s Leap classes?

Once you have registered as a member and subscribed your child to a session you will receive an email prior to the re book date, this will be half termly.

Will my child take part in shows and competitions?

At Leap we try to give our students as many opportunities as possible from performing displays in the community to taking part in local competitions. We will inform you of these opportunities via email.

How can I check my child’s progress?

Our Leap coaches are happy to speak to parents after the session has finished if they wish more information on their children’s progress.

How do I order uniform for my child?

Our Leap uniform is available to buy via our Shop section of our website.

Will Leap classes run during school holidays?

Leap classes will not run during the summer holidays, however dance/gymnastics camps will take place during selected weeks. Your session receipt emailed to you at payment will state other term dates.